"That mutt? Tracking a championship team in a blizzard?"
— Morse to Jenna and the other dogs after she tells them Balto is tracking the lost team in "Balto"

Morse is a Malamute that appears now and then in Balto. He is a sled dog.


Morse is a dark brownish gray Malamute. He has a lighter face and underbelly, and a darker patch on his back.

Movie Appearances and Storyline

Morse first appears when Jenna is with the others in the Gold Dredger. Jenna tells them that Balto is tracking the lost team, and Morse laughs at the fact that a mutt is trying to track a championship team in a blizzard. The other dogs join him, and Jenna narrows her eyes.

Steele arrives, and they're all shocked to see him. Morse asks where he's been and if he's okay, but Steele doesn't respond and begins eating a bone. Morse looks sad and shocked as Steele tells his story.


"That mutt? Tracking a championship team in a blizzard?"
-Morse laughing at Balto when Jenna tells him Balto is tracking Steele's Team in Balto
"Steele! Where've you been? Are you okay?"
-Morse to Steele when he returns in Balto



  • His name is revealed in the Junior Novelization. It is unknown if the name is a mix-up with the other dog named Morse (Bulldog).
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